Are You Ready to Clear Your Lot?

It is good that you can rely on skip hiring services to get rid of the excess debris when you are clearing a lot. By taking advantage of this type of service option, you can make your lot safer and cleaner and do so with streamlined efficiency. To get started on this type of pursuit, you will need to determine just how big of skip you need.

Choosing a Skip Size for Your Cleanup Project

Skips in Worcester come in all sizes. Therefore, you need to make a careful selection in this respect. For example, if you hire too big of a skip, you will have wasted your money. Likewise, if the skip is too small, you will need to hire another skip, which, again, will cost you more money.

That is why you need to ask the skip hire service about what size of skip is necessary. Describe what trash you will be disposing of and the volume of the debris. A professional in the field can help you determine what size you will need to clear your lot and keep it safe.

What Type of Skip Do You Need?

You also need to review the skip types. Skips come in open top, closed top, and roll on/roll off designs. Therefore, you will need to review this detail with the skip hire professional. Skip sizes range from two yards to 40 yards in size. As a result, there is a large variance in what you will choose in this regard.

Next, you will need to consider the placement of your skip. If you need to place the skip on a public highway, you will need a permit. Again, you can gain assistance from the skip hire company. If you reside in Worcestershire County, you need to provide three days’ notice and pay a fee. A permit for this purpose is valid from one to 28 days. If you need to use the skip for a longer period, you will need to apply for another permit.

Keep the Skip Protected

If the skip is placed on the highway, it also needs to be lit and coned and the longest side should be parallel to the edge of the pavement. The container should also be at least 15 metres from a junction and cannot be placed so it obstructs public ingress and egress.

You also need to keep the following in mind: it is illegal to load a skip with too much debris. If a skip hire company thinks that the skip is overloaded, it can legally refuse to collect the skip. Therefore, you need to make sure that the bin is loaded carefully and safely. Make sure you understand the above rules before you order a skip and use it.