Double Hung Windows Or Another Window Type- Choice Is Yours!

Are you thinking to replace the existing windows but do not know which type to select? First of all, you have to understand that window replacement is not as easy as it seems like. As a homeowner, you have to consider various factors like home’s architectural style along with the material, style, design and additional features of the windows. The selection actually depends upon the requirements and need i.e. if energy efficiency and functionality is your preference, then your decision would differ from those who go for speed of delivery and price. Experts recommend to consider the type and style of windows because energy efficiency is associated with the type of windows installed. You have to compare different windows on the basis of their type and functionality and come up with the right choice.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are among the two preferable and common windows types (other being the single or double hung windows that can add beauty and elegance to the home. They are available in two variations: the single and double slider. The primary difference lies in their functionality- double sliders have two moveable panels while in single slider, one panel is fixed and the other moves.

Slider windows are particularly designed for wider openings that offer unobstructed view along with maximizing ventilation. They can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the openings, meaning that width is not a big concern. Another benefit is ease in cleaning that is not a big issue whether you go with a tilt or lift out option.

The downside of installing slider windows is that they are not as energy conserving as their counterparts. Although they meet industry standard for wind and water resistance, they are not a good option for compression seals.

Awning Windows

The next in line is awning that is suitable for openings with greater width than height. Unlike slider windows, awnings have standard sizes because sashes become too heavy as the window becomes bigger. So, if you really want to install awnings, it is recommended to create a combination unit with a fixed window or another awning. Their crank out design complements the appearance of kitchen, particularly over the sink and makes opening and closing effortless. They allow fresh air to enter the room, thus providing better ventilation than slider. Other benefits of these types of windows are increased visibility and light.

The biggest downside of having awning windows is limitation in their size. Even, mishandling or misuse may also lead to inefficiency and decrease in functionality. If you do not pay attention of their functionality, things would go worse than before.

Hung Windows

Similar to slider, hung windows have two varieties- the single hung and double hung windows. Again, the difference lies in their functionality- double hung have two moveable panels where, single hung version has one.

The benefit of installing hung windows is that they offer ventilation and brightness to the room. They are usually opened from the top that offers maximum safety and security so that the inhabitants can live a comfortable and relaxed life. They are also good for meeting egress requirement and need minimum efforts for cleaning and maintenance.

Just like awning and slider windows, hung windows also have some drawbacks. They are inefficient in energy conservation and even need extra attention to work for a longer time period.