Redefine & Redesign Your Small Bedroom like a Pro

Designing a small bedroom does have a few inherent challenges, and yet, there’s no need to compromise or choose between style and function. All it takes is smart designing and a few good ideas that are applicable and practical for the space you have. Below is a quick guide on how to design the small bedroom like a pro!

Things to bear in mind

  1. First things first, choose the right colors. Instead of dark shades, go for light and calming colors that add to the dimensions to your most personal space.
  2. Secondly, opt for space-saving furniture, which can help in using the room better. For example, adding containers and boxes under the bed can reduce space requirements elsewhere.
  3. Finally, include mirrors in the house to create the level of visual space, which is certainly an illusion that pays off.

Follow the KISS rule

Keep IT Simple, Stupid. That’s the KISS rule for you. Instead of being confused with many themes, go for a light color palette for the house. White works practically well in almost any bedroom, and works like a good background or theme for rest of the décor. It is also wise to play around with textures, with fabrics, décor items and prints.

Minimalism is the key

Reducing furniture in the bedroom makes a big difference. For example, your bedroom doesn’t really need a desk when you prefer working in the couch. Minimalism with regards to décor, furniture and storage is the key to redefining smaller bedrooms, especially when the space is constrained and there are other restrictions.

Shelves are great

If you need more space, think of using the wall space. Go for set of shelves, which can be used for organizing all sorts of things, right from books, artifacts to idols, figurines and more. You can also choose to include a few lights on the shelves for that added appeal. There are endless ways to enhance the walls with simple things. You can also add wall art prints as required.

Mirror, mirror and more

Yes, mirror is meant for dressing, but you can revamp the entire room by adding one to the right wall. As mentioned earlier, mirrors create more space visually, and while it’s all illusion, it does brighten up the room. You can find more on decorating mirrors here.

Move the bed

You can choose to move the bed to the corner, so that there is more space in the center of the room. It also helps in creating a nook that’s completely private and yet doesn’t compromise on style and décor theme.

Add the cozy elements

By adding in a few accessories, you can add a soft and warmer feel to the room. Think of anything and everything like velvet cushions, mood lighting, soft fabrics for the bed and couch. You can also opt for Bronte by Moon cushions, which has some really bold prints and ideas.

Not to forget, make sure to have a hanging space for your clothes, and for those small things, use the space underneath the bed.