The Many Uses of Modern Sandblasting Services

Sand blasting has been around for many years and with modern variations, sand is rarely used as the blasting medium, as it can cause respiratory issues. Today, we use soda, ground coconut shells and even slag, as an abrasive medium to clean and prepare surfaces for painting or other treatments. Heavy machinery is best cleaned with abrasive blasting and by selecting the right material, you can end up with a pristine surface that is ready for painting.

Timber Preparation

If you had an old timber house and were planning on disassembling it, to be relocated to another location, the planks of wood can be sand blasted, taking the surface right back to fresh timber, then after a coat of preservation solution, it is ready to be reassembled and painted.

Heavy Equipment

The mining industry requires huge trucks and machinery to work tirelessly in hot and dusty conditions, and abrasive blasting is a regular part of the maintenance schedule, as it is the most cost effective way to remove everything, prior to further treatment. A piece of equipment might have several layers of special paint after an abrasive clean, or it could be coated with a special oil, depending on the particular machine, and it is the ideal way to prepare metals for coating or painting. The industries that rely on abrasive blasting are many, and with mobile solutions, the equipment can access even the tightest of locations, making everything possible. As one would expect, there is a great need for sand blasting in Perth and surrounding areas, and by dealing with a market leader, they will have the resources to ensure the work is completed on schedule.

Sandstone Buildings

This soft stone comes up great with abrasive blasting, and a skilled team could transform the average property within a day, and there is no better way to really get back to that original state, than sand blasting. Often, sandstone exteriors are painted and repainted, making it very difficult to strip all the paint away, and should you decide to revert back to the original stone finish, sand blasting is the ideal solution.

Render Preparation

Cement walls that are ready for plastering need to be rendered, helping the wet plaster to adhere, and abrasive blasting is a very quick and efficient way to do this. There are many stages of a construction project when sand blasting might be used, making it a vital service.

Steel Blasting

Sheets of steel that are to be coated or painted are the ideal candidates for sand blasting, which primes the metal and ensures it is clean, before applying the important coatings. The medium used for the blast might vary, and if the surface is delicate, suitable materials can be used to achieve the right finish.

Sand blasting is an essential part of many heavy industries and can also be invaluable to the small business, and even the homeowner on occasions.