These Filters Were Bought Most by Consumers in 2016

Clean, fresh air is a right for every individual, but sadly, this has been compromised by the emergence of countless industries and companies that continue to pollute the atmosphere with dangerous fumes filled with toxic gases. These are not only causing terminal illnesses to innocent citizens but also reducing the earth to a wasteland through global warming.

This crisis has brought about the production of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). These have proved effective for home owners as they help maintain the best indoor and vehicular air quality through maximum ventilation with filtration as well as thermal comfort. This article will focus on the benefits of HVAC as a measure for reducing the amount of toxins in the air in other words air-conditioning, it’s advantages as a heating and ventilation technology and a slight review of the most popular filters purchased by consumers in the year 2016.

HVAC systems are commonly used in homes, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals just to mention a few. In simpler terms, ventilation is the process of replacing air in any provided area or space and in turn produce fresh air free from odors, dust and various toxic gases in the air. The most common filters bought in 2016 include:

  1. Panel filters- They are the most common types of HVAC. They are cheap and easily available.

2.Pleated filters-With their accordion-like shape, they offer up to five times more protection and filtration than the standard options.

3.Washable filters- These are more expensive than panel or pleated filters. They are easy to Wash because, the simple task of spraying it with a hose pipe and making sure it is dry before reinstalling it in your HVAC system, does the job.

  1. Hepa filters- These are highly effective at removing dust, particulates and pollen from the air. Hepa filters are highly recommended for people that suffer respiratory diseases since studies have shown that these filters remove up to 99 percent of all harmful substances in the air.

Benefits of HVAC.

  1. Indoor air quality. Filters remove any odor, dust or harmful substances that may otherwise cause illness or discomfort to the body if inhaled. Hence making the air indoors clean and fresh from the outdoors.
  2. Heating. This is particularly useful in areas with low temperatures, during cold seasons or at night when temperatures are low.
  3. Easily available, affordable and easy to use. In the year 2016, studies have shown that the most filters purchased by consumers from retailers such as FilterBuy were the home air purifiers in general. This was mainly because of the need to keep clean fresh air inside their homes, those with respiratory problems also had a major role in the consumption as they also that they need dust-free air to live and feel healthy.


In conclusion, filters are an important part of very day healthy life, they protect individuals from the harmful particulates of air of the outside world whenever they are in the comfort of their own homes, help reduce the risks of diseases and provide heat whenever there is need. They are economical and easily available hence mass reduction of possible health problems since most households own one.